Master in writing

“Studies can not be easy”, you say and for the hundredth time throw away the peace of paper that was once destined to be your essay. You are great in your field, smart and industrious in everything that involves studies, but when it comes to writing, your mind suddenly goes blank and your final grade is lowered by your disability to express necessary information on the paper. Your failure in writing constantly brings you down and prevents you from trying to improve your results. It’s quite time to turn for some help and advice This article may be useful to those who want to achieve better results in writing.

The truth is: there are no rules and laws in writing. There is structure. You can form your opinion however and in which ever way you want to express it, but keep to the commonly used structure. It doesn’t really matter what kind of essay you are going to write euthanasia essay or custom essay. The peculiarities of writing are the same. First of all you have to determine the volume of your work: is it a 1-2 page essay, or a long report. According to the volume you can begin structuring your thoughts to create a masterpiece, duly assessed by your tutor. You may have the topic of your essay, but the main task is to see the aim of writing this essay. Do you want to prove something, disagree with something or support an opinion? This is very important, because if you for example have to write an essay against fascism and to do this you describe the life of Adolph Hitler. If you are given a task to write an essay you have to make sure that the aim you wrote this essay for is reached Then you can think about the structure. Remember, celebrities say “I’d like to say a few words about…” and only then start their speeches. You also need “a few words” that are called introduction Here you are to show general idea of what you are going to highlight in this essay, can provide some important details from the background even mention the purpose you are writing this. Your introduction has to be not long, for the reader will be lost in your fancy phrases not getting the point you tried to show; and not too short, for it will not be clear for a one what is that you write about The main part where you show all your facts, statements and proof is called the main body, which, being a part of structure has also to be structured. If you get confused in what you are trying to prove your opinion, the reader will be confused also You can use different quotations as main statements or otherwise can create them on your own and build your main body around it. It all finishes with a conclusion that sums up everything that you have stated above. Here you have to conclude, what have you come up to in your research of the problem. This is the only part where references are not acceptable You can quote anyone, but not concluding your essay

Master in writingIf you stick to this scheme of writing and write in your own style, not looking at anybody else’s, you will be a successful writer and get good grades. Any kinds of essays including euthanasia essays and custom essays, that you failed to write once, will be easy to write and the work will be enjoyable. Now you yourself can give advice and support others in writing that once created problems for you. Now you can be a master of verbal arts because you reached positive results in the field where once failed.