Reaction paper

Reaction paperReaction papers and response papers are tasks assigned by the instructor usually to gauge the ability of students to understand a certain topic and test his reasoning skills. Although students are usually given free rein in terms of the content and flow of reaction papers, certain circumstances still affect their outcome.

Understanding the material that has to be critiqued is challenging in itself already because not all are experts in every academic discipline. There are times when the student cannot muster the desire to immerse himself in the topic assigned, and there are also times when the student cannot come up with a logical flow of the reaction paper.

Not all are gifted with the ability to write. The positioning of words and arranging them in an aesthetical and informative manner is quite difficult to achieve. Certain amount of technical knowhow is needed in drafting response papers that are convincing and logical.

In addition to unfortunately not having a way with words, various hindrances hamper the process of writing reaction papers. Sometimes students just do not have the time they need in carefully writing a reaction paper. Because of time not being in their favour, they resort to cramming, which normally leads to unsatisfactory marks.

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