Inside ‘time-warp’ 1970s house untouched for decades now on market for £400k

House-hunters have been amazed by a bizarre house untouched since the 1970s, complete with iconic decor of the era in perfect condition.

The three-bedroom detached house in Stoke-on-Trent, has been causing a stir since it went up for sale last month for £400,000.

The retro property has been transporting potential buyers back to the seventies with its garish carpets and velvet armchairs.

Estate agent photos take us back to time when houses were completely carpet, bathtubs and sinks came in strange dark colours and ceilings were wooden.

It even has its open snooker room with low-hanging lights and textured wallpaper to match the chairs.

The house, which appears to be have been left untouched for around 50 years, is currently being advertised by online estate agents Purple Bricks.

The vintage property is being marketed to those with a passion for classic cars as it comes with a large garage.

The house has been described as “garish 1970s throwback nightmare” by people online since being listed on the Purple Bricks website.

Web users have commented how the home appears “frozen in time” during an era when the average house price in the UK was just £4,057.

Commenting on social media, Emma Magson wrote: “If I get this house I’ll feel like I’m living in an episode of Life On Mars.

“It’s what I imagine Rodney and Del Boy bought when they became millionaires.

“That snooker room is fit for Alex Higgins as well, I can already smell the fags and booze. There’s definitely potential there but it needs a lot of work.

“It’s like a time warp Back to the Future house, crazy decor, what were we thinking back then?”

Kyle Payne added: “Wow that takes me back to being a kid, why did we use to all carpet our bathrooms. Lol.

“That place can’t have been touched in 50 years. Frozen in time. Looks like it could be the house from that To the Manor Born sitcom.”

Danny Peters commented: “That is one garish 1970s throwback nightmare right there. The price is a little steep considering how much work it would need.”

However, others were quick to praise the spacious house with one local resident writing: “Well I love it!!

“Though the decor is not to my personal tastes, it looks like a fabulous home with the garage space I need… a little out of my price range though I’m afraid.”

Paula Clarke put: “Only needs modernised a little, what a home that could be.

“Houses like this are amazing and rare and probably seen a lot of love and been loved.”

The unique property is being advertised for those with prestigious cars and labelled as the perfect place for “having a great time playing snooker”.

It features a spacious driveway and a large garden including an unusual spiral staircase attached to a roof terrace leading to the rear of the property.

The Purple Bricks advert reads: “We are delighted to bring to the market this unique family home which has been carefully designed and built to create the ultimate home for the family who want everything.

“If you have classic/prestigious cars, then this is the house for you. Ideal if you’d like a place to display your prize possessions

“While your cars are safely enjoying their new home, you could be benefiting from the three generous bedrooms, large reception rooms or having a great time with the boys playing snooker on the full sized table in the games room.

“This home gives you stunning landscaped front and rear gardens and a roof terrace, perfect for entertaining and enjoying quality time together.

“This home is a must see to truly see its full potential.”